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Congrats to our 2021 Congress UIL Team:
Alyssa Van Zandt
Gracie Barker
Bell Royer
Gavin Goodnight
Annabeth Dusek



San Angelo's Speech and Debate team competes in competitive acting, speaking, and debating events across the state and nation. We love the near 70 kids who have become family to each other. Our team is a fantastic opportunity to grow your speaking and presentation skills while making lifelong friendships. Join today!


Jack McLaughlin
Chloe Hansen 
Conner Greenfield
Auburn Jameson
Bell Royer

Jack McLaughlin
Chloe Hansen
Bell Royer

Chloe Hansen

Bell Royer 

Jack McLaughlin & Britain Hebert
Conner Greenfield & Katherine Templeton
Chloe Hasen & Bell Royer

Jack McLaughlin & Bell Royer
Thalia Fernandez & Erica Avila

Alyssa VanZandt
Gracie Barker

Alyssa VanZandt

Gracie Barker
Shawn Estrada
Bell Royer

Alyssa VanZandt

Alyssa VanZandt
Leah Rivera

Anna Beth Dusek
Gavin Goodnight
Vivianna Castilleja


WT - 1st place Sweepstakes 

TOP SPEAKER: Alyssa VanZandt




Congress- Gavin Goodnight 8th, Gracie Barker 7th, Bela Casillas 5th, Vivianna Castilleja 3rd, Annabeth Dusek 2nd, Bell Royer 1st


CX- Chloe Hansen &Samye Millward semi-finaled.


LD- Anaia Dickson semifinaled, Alyssa VanZandt 1st


IMP- Alyssa VanZandt 2nd.


INF-Vivianna Castilleja 5th, Alyssa VanZandt 1st


OO- Shawn Estrada 5th, Anaia Dickson 4th, Alyssa VanZandt 3rd, Gracie Barker 1st


Declamation- Bela Casillas 2nd, Anaia Dickson 1st


FX- Lillyan Leto 5th, Anaia Dickson 4th, Samye Millward 3rd, Alyssa VanZandt 1st


DX- Annabeth Dusek 6th, Gracie Barker 1st


DI- Nathan Stephenson 6th, Chloe Hansen 3rd, Bell Royer 2nd, Jack McLaughlin1st


DA- Aiden Cooper & Deacon Davis 6th, Aspen Phillips & Nathan Stephenson 5th, Mariah Mayville & Bela Casillas 4th, Conner Greenfield & Katherine Templeton 3rd, Erica Avila & Charlotte Bannerman 2nd, Thalia Fernandez and Paula Maysonet 1st


Duo- Aspen Phillips & Mariah Mayville 7th, Chloe Hansen & Nathan Stephenson 4th, Erica Avila & Thalia Fernandez 3rd, and Deacon Davis & Conner Greenfield 2nd.


HI- Aiden Cooper 6th, Conner Greenfield 5th, Chloe Hansen 4th, Jack Mclaughlin 3rd, Auburn Jameson 2nd, Erica Avila 1st


PR- Jack Mclaughlin 1st

Trinity - 1st place Sweepstakes 

Congress - Annabeth Dusek 8th, Viviana Castiellja 5th, Gavin Goodnight 4th 

DX - Bell Royer 4th, Gracie Barker 2nd, Shawn Estrada 1st 

FX - Alyssa VanZandt 3rd 

Info - Gavin Goodnight 6th, Brennan Wood 5th, Shawn Estrada 3rd, Alyssa VanZandt 1st 

OO - Shawn Estrada 6th, Jack McLaughlin 5th, Chloe Hansen 3rd, Gracie Barker 2nd, Alyssa VanZandt 1st 

LD - Leah Rivera, Landree Alls quarter finalists 

CX - Cayde York and Samye Milward semi-finalists 

Duet - Erica Avila & Charlotte Bannerman 6th, Chloe Hansen & Bell Royer 5th, Thalia Fernandez & Paula Maysonnet 3rd, Britain Hebert & Jack McLaughlin 2nd, Conner Greenfield & Katherine Templeton 1st 

Duo - Charlotte Bannerman & Auburn Jameson 7th, Britain Hebert & Katherine Templeton 6th 

DI - Brittin Hebert 6h, Thalia Fernandez 4th, Belle Royer 3rd, Erica Avila 2nd, Deacon Davis 1st 

HI - Shawn Estrada 7th, Mariah Mayville 6th, Kathrine Templeton 5th, Levi Oliver 4th, Belle Royer 2nd, Conner Greenfield 1st 

Poetry - Thalia Fernandez 4th 

POI - Mariah Mayville 6th, Kathrine Templeton 5th, Alyssa VanZandt 4th, Deacon Davis 3rd, Chloe Hansen 2nd, Belle Royer 1st 

Prose - Deacon Davis 5th , Jack McLaughlin 2nd 

Midland Legacy- 1st place sweepstakes 


Gavin Goodnight 8th,

Vivianna Castilleja  6th,

Annabeth Dusek 3rd.


Duet Acting-

 Thalia Fernandez & Paula Maysonnet 6th, Conner Greenfield & Katherine Templeton 5th,

Chloe Hansen & Bell Royer 3rd,

Deacon Davis & Aiden Cooper 2nd,

Britain Hebert & Jack McLaughlin 1st.



Britain Hebert & Katherine Templeton 4th

Erica Avila and Thalia Fernandez 1st


Domestic Extemp-

Bell Royer 4th

Shawn Estrada 3rd


Foreign Extemp-

Alyssa VanZand 1st


Informative Speaking-

Erica Avila 6th

Gavin Goodnight 5th

Brennan Wood  4th

Alyssa VanZandt 3rd,

Shawn Estrada 1st.


In Original Oratory, -

Shawn Estrada 4th,

Chloe Hansen 3rd,

Jack McLaughlin 2nd

Alyssa VanZandt 1st.


Dramatic Interpretation

Deacon Davis 4th

Bell Royer 3rd.


Humorous Interpretation

Shawn Estrada 6th

Conner Greenfield 4th

Deacon Davis 3rd,

Katherine Templeton 2nd,

Bell Royer 1st.


Lincoln-Douglas debate-

Brennan Wood quarter-finals

Leah Rivera 1st.


In Policy Debate-

Gracie Barker & Juan Garcia semi-finals

Cayde York & Samye Millward semi-finals



Auburn Jameson 4th


Program Oral Interpretation-

Katherine Templeton 6th,

Mariah Mayville 5th,

Chloe Hansen 4th,

Erica Avila placed 3rd

 Bell Royer placed 2nd.



Deacon Davis 1st.

Muleshoe - 1st place Sweapstakes 

TOP INTERPER - Bell Royer 
TOP SPEAKER - Cayde York
CONGRESS - Gavin Goodnight 3rd, Annabeth Dusek 4th, Grace Valdez 10th 
DX - Bell Royer 1st, Cayde York 4th, Jace Lasiter 6th
FX - Juan Garcia 5th, Miguel Flores-Acton 6th
LD - Alyssa VanZandt 1st, Leah Rivera Semi-Finalist, Brennan Wood Quarter-Finalist
OO - Jack McLaughlin 1st, Chloe Hansen 2nd, Cayde York 4th, Samye Millward 5th, Juan Garcia 6th
INFO - Cayde York 1st, Samye Millward 4th
DI - Bell Royer 2nd, Deacon Davis 4th, Thalia Fernandez 5th
DUET - Hansen & Royer 2nd, Mayville & Flores-Acton 3rd, McLaughlin & Greenfield 4th, Davis & Jameson 6th
DUO -  McLaughlin & Royer 1st, Davis & Greenfield 4th, Hansen & Cooper 5th, Mayville & Fernandez 6th, Garcia & Jameson 7th
HI- Bell Royer 1st, Levi Oliver 2nd, Thalia Fernandez 3rd, Aiden Cooper 5th, Deacon Davis 6th, Conner Greenfield 7th
POI - Chloe Hansen 4th
PO - Auburn Jameson 4th
PR - Jack McLaughlin 1st, Deacon Davis 3rd

Tascosa - 1st place Sweapstakes 

TOP INTERPER - Chloe Hansen 
TOP SPEAKER - Gracie Barker 

CONGRESS - Gavin Goodnight 5th 
DX - Gracie Barker 1st, Cayde York 4th 
FX - Samye Millward 5th 
LD - Alyssa VanZandt 3rd, Brennan Wood Quarter Finalist 
OO - Gracie Barker 1st, Cayde York 3rd, Samye Millward 4th 

DI - Jack McLaughlin 4th, Chloe Hansen 5th, Deacon Davis 7th 
DUET - Herbert/McLaughlin 1st, Greenfield/Templeton 2nd, Hansen/York 3rd, Fernandez/Maysonnet 5th, Barker/Millward 6th 
Duo - Herbert/Templeton 1st, McLaughlin/Hansen 2nd, Avila/Fernandez 4th, Davis/Greenfield 5th, Mayville and Phillips 6th 
HI- Chloe Hansen 1st, Jack McLaughlin 2nd, Erica Avila 4th, Katherine Templeton 5th 
Impromptu Finalists - Samye Millward, Gracie Barker, Jessica Grcia, Miguel Flores-Acton
POI- Kathrine Templeton 3rd, Erica Avila 4th 


La Vernia - 2nd place 

HI - Chloe Hansen 6th & Jack McLaughlin 1st

DI - Bell Royer 4th & Jack McLaughlin 3rd

PO - Thalia Fernandez placed 6th

DUO - Davis/Greenfield 5th & McLaughlin/Royer 2nd

DUET - Greenfield/Templeton 6th, Oswald & Mayville 3rd, & Hansen/ Royer 2nd

POI - Katherine Templeton 6th, Jack McLaughlin 5th, Erica Avila 4th, & Chloe Hansen 2nd

OO - Gracie Barker 3rd


CX - Millard/York Semi-finalists

LD - Alyssa VanZandt, Anaia Dickson, & Brennan Wood Quarter-finalists

DX - Bell Royer 5th & Gracie Barker 4th

Congress Finalists - Viviana Castiellja, Bela Casillas, Annabeth Dusek